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How To Work With A Business Writer

You know that digital content is at the heart of your marketing strategy, but actually creating it can be overwhelming. The right business writer can be the difference between your brand or product taking off to new heights or landing a belly-flop. This article will show you what you need to consider when looking for the best content creator or writer to support your business. 

Do You Even Need To Hire A Business Writer?

Blogs, articles, white papers, brochures, videos, social media posts and all the other different content types have the power to promote your business to a wider audience, increase the number of visitors to your website, engage with customers at a deeper level, increase your sales and enhance your brand value. However, creating content, and designing and delivering a coherent content strategy is more than just a writing job. High-value freelance writing involves interpreting your brief, coming up with new ideas, doing the research, gathering feedback from key stakeholders, planning distribution and project-managing the various creative disciplines contributing to the process. 

All this requires close attention and time that you probably don’t have. With a dedicated strategy, the best business writers make your digital content work for you. 

Look Out For These Qualities

When searching for a business writer, look for someone who has the writing skill to work in different styles, whether it’s an industry whitepaper, a blog post, a catchy headline or an in-depth article on a specialist topic. They have to be curious and ask lots of questions about your business, the audience you have in mind and the outcome you want to achieve from your content. 

Always ask to see samples of their content writing. These could be links to published articles or social media feeds, or examples on the websites of previous clients. A good business writer will always have a portfolio and references ready to give proof of their experience, their versatility as a writer and their value as a business partner.

Don’t Be Left In The Dark 

A good business writer is also a great communicator, able to find creative ways to extract the best insights from your briefings and translate them into an engaging story. Communication skills are a further advantage when dealing with senior stakeholders within your business or keeping you up to date on progress and potential problems. This is vital, especially when things don’t go to plan. Working with someone who openly addresses issues before they become problems and is level-headed about finding the best solutions will be a lifesaver for your project. Communication is key.

To get the most of how to work with a business writer, you also have to ensure that you respond to their requests for input and feedback and that you share updates at your end as promptly as possible.

Be Clear On Roles And Expectations 

When working with a creator for business content, it’s important that you have a clear understanding about the roles and responsibilities of each project partner and the outcomes you expect from the work. 

What you want to avoid is the scenario where the business writer attends your briefing and then spends a lot of time quietly researching and writing something that is not what you asked for or expected. And who is to blame? Did the writer do a poor job? Was the briefing not clear? Did your priorities shift? Was some important feedback not passed on? Was new information brought in at a later stage? All these things can and often do happen. 

This is why it is a huge advantage to be working with someone who can keep you in the picture and offer solutions when issues arise during the content writing process. 

Prepare A Good Brief

Be sure to know what you want. As you embark on a project with a new business writer, your role as a client is to provide all the important details they need to deliver the work to your expectations. This should include background information about your company, your content marketing strategy, and brand voice. Depending on the purpose of the content, also brief them on specific details about the product or services you want to promote, the target audience and any buyer personas you have in mind. What outcome do you want your content to achieve? Are you looking for more website traffic, thought leadership, sales, social engagement, or a combination of all. Your content writing brief should be clear and comprehensive to avoid disappointment when measuring success.

Shake Hands On It

Contracting is an essential part of working with a business writer. This could be a formal contract or a statement of work, or it could be a simple email outlining the key points of the arrangement. The main thing is that both you and your business writer have the same understanding of the terms of the project at hand, for instance, the scope, objectives, significant milestones, success criteria, and how to measure them. 

If you require any third-party tools or resources, such as images, videos or printing services, who will commission those and how will they be funded? 

Also agree on administrative details such as payment terms, non-disclosure clauses and reporting requirements. 

Recognize Added Value 

A good business writer has a value that goes beyond the question of budget. Think about what you are actually getting when you hire the right person. If you expect original, engaging content that speaks to the needs of your business and your customers, then you will need someone who listens to your ideas and helps you refine them by offering new perspectives. The right business writer will also give you peace of mind by providing ongoing communication on progress and pitfalls and a high level of responsiveness to your queries every step of the way. 

Plagiarism is a big problem in the digital content space and working with a business writer who has the skills and the integrity to deliver original work will save you time, money and the hassle of dealing with the risk of copyright-infringement. 

Bear all this in mind when negotiating rates with your next business writer. The good ones will be in high demand and tend to work with clients who recognize the value they add to every content related project they work on.

Trust The Process

All projects have moments of uncertainty and risk, but you know you are in good hands when your business writer can keep calm and focused when the stakes are high. If you are working with an experienced content creator, they are unlikely to be alarmed by the roadblocks and challenges every writing project typically faces at some point in the process. 

In those situations, stay in close communication and also give them the space and the opportunity to deliver their magic and keep your project moving forward.

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